From "What Is Scientology?: A Guidebook To The World's Fastest Growing Religion" by The Church Of Scientology International

  As the stepchildren of the German dictator Bismarck and later Hitler and the Nazis, psychiatry and psychology formed the philosophical basis for the wholesale slaughter of human beings in World Wars I and II.  Psychiatry uses electric shock, brain-mutilating psycho-surgery and mind damiging drugs to derstroy a person and make him "docile and quiet" in the name of "treatment".

  Psychiatric methods involving the butchering of human beings and their sanity are condemned by the Church.  Scientologists are trying to create a world without war, insanity and criminality.  Psychiatry is seeking to create a world where man is reduced to a robotized or drugged, vegetable-like state so that he can be controlled.

   A primary difference bwteeen Scientology and psychiatry is that psychiatrists routinely tell their patients that what they think is wrong with them.  This interjects lies or ideas which are not true for the individual himself, and this psychiatriac "therapy" violates the integrity of the individua;/

   On the other hand, Scientology technology enables a person to find out for himself the source of his troubles and gives him the ability to inprove conditions in his own life and environment.

   The underlying difference is the fact that Scientology recognizes that man is a spiritual being, while psychiatrists view man as an animal.  Scientology is a religion.  Psychiatry is strongly opposed to all religions as it does not even recognize man as a spiritual being.  

   Scientologists strongly disagree with the enforced and harmful physhiatriac methods of involuntary commitment, forced and heavy drugging, electroconvulsive shock treatment, labotomy and other psychosurgical operations.

   By the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the healing of mentally caused ills should not be condoned in nonreligious fields.  The reason for this is that violent psychiatric therapies cause spiritual traumas.  At best, psychiatry suppresses life's problems; at worst, it causes severe damage,  irreversable setbacks in a person's life and even death.

Is this scary or what?