Scientology executives are an extremely paranoid group of individuals.  They honestly believe that every government agency and medical establishment is out to shut them down.  They truly feel that the mental health field has nothing better to do with their time than to think of ways to get Scientology shut down.

   In Omar V. Garrison's scathing expose, "The Hidden Story Of Scientology" (Citidael Press, 1974), he stated as :"fact":

"Alert watchdogs of the AMA (American Medical Association) began sniffing at Dianetics almost from the moment it first appeared in public.  'Dianteics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health' was published in May of 1950.  With in weeks, AMA strategists  secretly laying the groundwork for a full-scale attack on the new and uncanonical therapy." (pages 69-70)

   In subsequent pages, he goes on to criticize the mental health field (a common practice of Scientology) and several governments around the world (Russia, Australia, South Afirca, England, Greece, and The United States).  He paints a picture of the governments that is very unflattering.  He honestly believes governments are just sitting around trying to "invent" ways to shut Scientology down.

   Paranoia runs rampant in Scientology.  Its a known fact.  They are fearful of Interpol (The international police orginization), The World Federation of Mental Health, the IRS, national governments, the FBI, the American Medical Association and many other government orginizations.

   Scientologists honestly believe that the mental health field is nothing but a collection of greedy men and women that are working to control the populace through what has been called (by Mr. Garrison) "Psychopolitics".  "Psychopolitics" is described as government agencies who are using the psychological and psychiatric associations to "control" the general population and to make them "docile" and "quiet" (quoted words come from Mr. Garrison's book)

   In my opinion, I think that Scientology is paranoid because they are fearful that the government agencies WILL find out their dirty tricks and ruthless tactics.  They are afraid that the government agencies will find out that they are ripping off their adherents and causing them mental and physical harm.  

   Scientology's paranoia only serves to make the "religion" look extremely bad.  It makes them look like a collection of frightened children.  They come across as a collection of people that have something to hide.  I know that when a child has something to hide, they become extremely paranoid.

   If L. Ron Hubbard did not have something to hide from the United States government, then why did he moved to East Grinstead, England for several years and why did he also live on a cruise ship for several years?  It is a known fact that he owed thousands of dollars  in income taxes to the federal government which was never collected.  He was also a known bigamist, who was known to me married to two women at the same time and was also known to beat them both.  As his son, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. has said "I believe that 99% of what my father has written about his life is false".  L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. was so embarassed of his father that he legally had his name changed.

   Bottom line is that the higher ups of Scientology are an extremely paranoid and ruthless orginization of people bent on converting each and every human being on Earth to Scientology.  They are a rich and mob-like group of people that use any means (some not necessarily legal) necessary to not only gain new members but to keep the members they already have from leaving.  

   Some members have actually committed suicide to escape this "cult".  Scientology lawyers fight extremely hard to keep ex-members from spilling their secrets and to keep them from ovtaining a refund.  Obtaining a refund from Scientology is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible.  But, the more people that try, the more Scientology will realize that their programs and teachings are not working.

  Bottom line is that Scientologists are extremely paranoid  group of people who honestly feel that everyone is out to shut them down.  This is proven fact.  Read any book written by "The Church Of Scientology International" and you will know this for yourself.  They spend half of thei books trying to prove themselves as a religion and the other half of their books patting themselves on the bacl for "the miraculous work they have done".