L. Ron Hubbard believed that all human life has one directive: To Survive.  He came up with eight dynamics to help man achieve this goal.  And presented here are those eight dynamics.  

The First Dymanic is SELF.  This is the effort to survive as an individual, to be an individual.  It includes one's own body and one's own mind.  It is the effort to attain the highest level of survival for the longest possible time for self.  This dynamic includes the individual plus his immediate possessions.  It does not include other people.  It is the urge to survive as one's self.  Here we have individualityexpressed fully.

The Second Dynamic is CREATIVITY.  Creativity is making things for the future and the second dynamic includes any creativity.  The second dynamic contains the family unit and the rearing of children as well as anything that can be categorized as a family activity.  It also incidentally includes sex as a mechanism to cpmpel future survival.

The Third Dynamic is GROUP SURVIVAL.  This is the urge to survive through a group if individuals or as a group.  It is group survival, the group tending to take on a life and existence of its own.  A group can be a community, friends, a company, a social lodge, a state, a nation, a race or in short any group.  It doesn't matter what size this group is, it is seeking to survive as a group.  

The Fourth Dynamic is SPECIES.  Man's fourth dynamic is is the species of mankind.  This is the urge toward survival through all mankind.  Whereas the American nationality considered a third dynamic for Americans, all the nationalities of the world together would be considered the fourth dynamic.  All men and women because they are men and women seek to survive as men and women and FOR men and women.

The Fifth Dynamic is LIFE FORMS.  This is the urge to survive as life forms and with the help of life forms, such as animals, birds, insects, fish and vegetation.  This indicates all living things whether animals or vegetable, anything directly and intimately motivated by life.  It is the effort to survive for any and every form of life.  It is the interest in life as such.

The Sixth Dynamic is the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.  The physical universe has four components.  These are matter, energy, space and time.  The sixth dynamic is is the urge to survive as the physical universe, by the physical universe itself and with the physical universe and each one of its component parts.

The Seventh Dynamic is the SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC, the urge to survive as spiritual beings or the urge for life itself to survive.  Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the heading of the seventh dynamic.  It includes one's beingness, the ability to create, the ability to cause survival or to survive, the ability ro destroy or pretend to be destroyed.  A subdividing of this dynamic is ideas and concepts and the desire to survive through these.  The seventh dynamic is life source.  This is separate from the physical universe and is the source of life itself.  Thus there is an effort for the survival of life source.

The Eighth Dynamic is the urge toward existence as INFNITY.  The eighth dynamic is commonly supposed to be a Supreme Being or Creator.  It is correctly defined as infinity.  It actually embraces the allness of all.

MAKE SENSE?  I didn't think so.