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The Scientology Defenition Of Auditing

Although the purely philosophical aspects of L. Ron Hubbard’s work are sufficient in themselves to elevate this civilization, only auditing provides a precise path by which any individual may walk an exact route to higher states of awareness.

The goal of auditing is to restore beingness and ability. This is accomplished by (1) helping the individual rid himself of any disabilities and (2) increasing individual abilities. Obviously, both are necessary for an individual to achieve full potential.

Auditing, then, deletes those things which have been added to the person’s reactive mind through life’s painful experiences and, as well, addresses and improves the person’s ability to confront and handle the factors in his life.

Scientology auditing could be described as a very unique form of personal counseling which helps an individual look at his own existence and improves his ability to confront what he is and where he is. There are vast differences between the technology of auditing and other forms of counseling. There is no use of hypnosis, trance techniques or drugs during auditing. The person being audited is completely aware of everything that happens. Auditing is a precise, thoroughly codified activity with exact procedures.

A person trained and qualified in applying auditing to individuals for their betterment is called an auditor. Auditor is defined as one who listens, from the Latin audire meaning to hear or listen. An auditor is a minister or minister-in-training of the Church of Scientology.

A person receiving auditing is called a preclear – from pre-Clear, a person not yet Clear. A preclear is a person who, through auditing, is finding out more about himself and life.

The period of time during which an auditor audits a preclear is called an auditing session. A session is conducted at an agreed-upon time established by the auditor and preclear.

Auditing uses processes – exact sets of questions asked or directions given by an auditor to help a person find out things about himself and improve his condition. There are many, many different auditing processes, and each one improves the individual’s ability to confront and handle part of his existence. When the specific objective of any one process is attained, the process is ended and another can then be run to address a different part of the person’s life.

An unlimited number of questions could of course, be asked – which might or might not help a person. The accomplishment in Dianetics and Scientology is that L. Ron Hubbard isolated the exact questions and directions to invariably bring about improvement.

The questions or directions of the process guide the person to inspect a certain part of his existence and what is found will naturally vary from person to person, since everyone’s experiences are different. Regardless of experience or background, however, the individual is assisted in locating not only areas of upset or difficulty in his life, but in locating the source of the upset. By doing this, any person is able to free himself of unwanted barriers that inhibit, stop or blunt his natural abilities and increase these abilities so that he becomes brighter and more able.

There are no variables in the technology of auditing. No random results or haphazard applications. Auditing is not a period of vague free association. Each process is exact in its design and in its application, and attains a definite result when correctly administered.

Scientology auditing can bring any person from a condition of spiritual blindness to the brilliant joy of spiritual existence.


Millions, attesting to the results of auditing, prove beyond doubt that auditing accomplishes far more to better man than any other means ever devised.

Through auditing, a person can rid himself of his reactive mind and the limitations it imposes upon him-limitations which were once thought “natural.” Man’s full potential, so often speculated about, can be realized. This potential is far, far higher than earlier practices and religions ever thought possible.

Millions of Scientologists have found out more about themselves through auditing and improved their lives as a direct result.

The different processes which comprise auditing technology can be likened to a road-an exact road, with exact steps that anyone can walk. L. Ron Hubbard developed many different auditing processes during his research. He arranged these in a sequence that enables an individual to achieve greater awareness and with this, higher states of existence leading to, ultimately, a recognition of his own immortal nature.

If one thinks about it for a moment, one will recognize that there are many states of existence in life. A man is rich or poor, well or sick, old or young, married or single.

Moreover, in Scientology it is known that there are many states of existence beyond that of so-called normal man. This has been touched on by earlier philosophies but what is new about Scientology is that one can predictably attain these higher states of existence.

Although some savants in the Himalayas have worked in this direction, Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha) spoke of it at length, at least fifteen or twenty years of hard work were required for what was, at best, an uncertain outcome.

With Scientology, there are no such uncertainties. Higher states of existence are attainable through auditing, and these states and how they can be attained are described here.


A person able in an area can produce, perform, function and control activity in that area. An able acrobat, for example, performs stunts adroitly. An able chef prepares delicious food. But a person who has attained the abilities from the Scientology Expanded Grades is now able in living itself. As such he is more in control, brighter, and enjoys more personal power.

He is also now in a position to rid himself of his reactive mind and its contents. This accomplishment is not possible if a person is too distracted by his environment or cannot overcome the barriers to living the Expanded Grades handle.

Initially, by using the techniques contained in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, engrams could be contacted and erased, resulting in more gains than were ever before available. The techniques invariably worked, but L. Ron Hubbard continued to research, seeking technology that offered faster and easier-to-attain results.

Refinements, such as the development of the E-Meter pastoral device, made auditing swifter and more precise, as did development of the Scientology Expanded Grades. Building on the Dianetics basic principles, Mr. Hubbard undertook further researches and developed more advanced Dianetics techniques. That these later refinements were built on the original Dianetics axioms and procedures as initially released by him, is a great testimony to the accuracy of his original theories.

To give one an idea of just how effective Mr. Hubbard’s new techniques were, consider this: Preclears who might have needed over 2,000 hours of auditing to achieve the highest results obtainable from 1950 technology might now achieve comparable gains in a tenth of that time with modern Dianetics and Scientology auditing.

New Era Dianetics (NED®) technology contains L. Ron Hubbard’s ultimate refinements of Dianetics auditing. He developed it following discoveries he made in 1978. Using New Era Dianetics technology, preclears can achieve the goals of Dianetics much, much faster than any early Dianeticist might have believed possible.

The reactive mind plagues a person with the unthinking, irrational dictates of its contents and imposes anxieties, fears, unwanted sensations and feelings, strange pains and a host of other undesirable effects. Freeing him from the command value such ills exert over his volition, provides new levels of self-determinism.

A person may have suffered the emotional upheaval of losing a loved one. NED auditing addresses these losses and, while it won’t replace the affections held for the departed, it can free one from the spiritual trauma of the loss.

Many people are held back by what they consider their flaws or disabilities. NED techniques can erase the sources of these feelings and brighten a person’s outlook and feelings about himself remarkably.

New Era Dianetics auditing consists of at least eleven specific rundowns (a series of auditing steps designed to handle a specific aspect of a case) and actions which address the engrams contained in the reactive mind. The different psychosomatic pains, sensations, emotions, feelings and so forth are used to trace back engrams in the reactive mind. Utilizing Dianetics auditing procedure, the preclear erases his engrams and nullifies their harmful energy.

The procedures of New Era Dianetics are precise. Completion of New Era Dianetics can make a well and happy human being with renewed health and his innate sanity recovered.

In reality, auditing puts one into sort of a trance so that suggestions can be planted into the mind.  And these suggestions usually tell people to spend more money on Scientology products and services.

Do you know the cost of all of the Scientology services and memberships?  $244,000!  No typo.  That is two hundred forty-four thousand dollars!